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Time to enjoy a bit of the local cuisine? Come savor the flavor! You'll find plenty to choose from, whether you have a hankering for a steaming lobster dipped in melted butter or an elegant five-course feast. For a quick meal, try a big mug of creamy chowder or an overstuffed lobster roll. Atmosphere? Whether your heart is set on a harbor view or a fireside table in an historic inn, an intimate candlelit nook or a bustling dining room featuring impressive tableside preparation, you'll find it right here.

Maine is becoming a "foodie"  haven, thanks to its organic and heirloom produce, rare-breed livestock, artisanal cheeses, and must-try specialties such as fiddlehead ferns, blueberry-based condiments, and seriously fun whoopie pies.

Several local restaurants offer truly world-class cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs, but you needn't take a bite out of your budget to dine well. Many establishments cater to families, serving sandwiches, salads, snacks, and pizza, as well as international menu favorites.

There are restaurants for every taste. As expected, many specialize in the freshest native seafood, for not only is our lobster unsurpassed (and prepared any way you can think of), but our local crabmeat, shrimp, scallops, mussels, oysters, haddock, salmon, and swordfish are all served at their best. You'll also find hearty meat and potatoes and creative vegetarian dishes on most menus.

If you're planning a picnic for a hike or a lunch on the water, visit our neighborhood groceries, farmers markets, and take-out stands to find affordable foods that will make your outdoor excursion even more memorable. Everything tastes better outside.

Of course you can't leave Maine without sitting down to some real old-fashioned Down East cooking, so come pull up a chair -- it's wicked good!

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